CNA Registration Step One:

Registration Pre Quiz for CNA Training

If you are registering for a CBRF class, you do not need to take the pre quiz.  You will need to register in person.

QHO would like your training to be a positive and successful experience.  We have created a pre-test to the course that is based on reading comprehension, problem solving and basic English.  The purpose of this test is for you to determine if you are prepared to succeed in this program based on those principals.


Important Information:

If you received greater than 4 wrong on the initial pre-test, it would indicate this program and material may be too difficult.  The pre test is a basic math and English 8th grade placement test.  It in no way guarantees graduation from this program. 

Furthermore, once you have registered for the program and completed that process, all processing and cancellation fees are binding. If you drop yourself or are unable to pass the exams in class, there is no refund for the program.