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"I really like the class and the instructors are amazing, helpful and patient.  My classmates were very helpful and easy to work with.  Even though I just met these people, I feel as though I have known them my whole life. "  - Ciara
"I am so glad I took my CNA classes at QHO.  The instructors were all knowledgeable, friendly and very passionate about what they do."  - Lawrence
To say QHO is amazing would be an understatement. My journey began in 2008 at QHO and it has been an on-going journey. I came to QHO with so many doubts and was so unsure of myself. When I began my classes for CNA, I noticed the staff strive for excellence and inspire students to do the same.
Now, I came back to QHO and there are only two reasons why.
#1: Perception: When I say I got trained at QHO the reputation of QHO speaks for itself.
#2: Just like the staff, as a student I began to strive for excellence in all that I do as a care provider. QHO is the only place I will refer.
— Della
16-Day class is fast paced, however, instructors are extremely attentive and willing to assist in learning both book work as well as skill orientated tasks. You feel like you are part of a family offering great support for success in both the class and afterwards in the work place.
— Denise
This class was wonderful! The instructors are extremely helpful and informative. They are approachable when you have a question or need help. I defiantly feel this class has prepared me for the Health Care field. I will be recommending this class to anyone who has an interest in the Health Care field. I am truly grateful for what this class has done for me.
— Heather
The instructors are very knowledgeable and push you to succeed. As a whole, the school excels in professionalism and organization. Overall, I have had a wonderful experience earing my CNA certification.
— Emily
I loved all the teachers. They were funny, bubbly and super nice. When it came to the skills section, they showed you detail from detail and step through step. I would highly recommend people to QHO because you will have a great learning experience.
— Shaparis