Who We Are

For nearly 3 decades, QHO has been providing quality education in healthcare.  We are the 2nd largest training center in the state for Certified Nursing Assistant training, C.B.R.F. training and C.P.R. certification.  QHO has an exceptional reputation in the community and great job opportunities post-graduation.  We believe that every student is an individual with their own story and life experience.  Our instructors love what they do and it reflects in their ability to connect with their students. 

What We Do

Unlike many other training facilities which evaluate students solely on test scores and grades, we train students to a higher standard.  As nurses, we want to ensure that a graduate from our program is someone we would hire to take care of someone we love.  Being a Nursing Assistant can be one of the most rewarding careers you will ever experience if you do it for the right reasons.  We work with students on a very personal level because we love what we do.  We look for students who have the heart and spirit of being a care provider.  We are always available for extra lab time or study time and will  schedule extra practice prior to the exam for students, if needed.   We are here to support every student in any way we can. 

What are my job opportunities?

There is an overwhelming shortage of Nursing Assistants on a National level.  QHO’s activly assists in this matter.  Due to our outstanding reputation in the community, several facility exclusively train their staff through our company.  We also have several organizations that recruit directly from our program.  Many of these agencies will hire prior to the state exam because of their confidence with our passing rate and their confidence in the candidates that graduate from our programs.  During the program, we assist our students with the interview process.  All students are given a list of potential job matches depending on the student’s desires and strengths.  The director will meet with the candidates as well to assist in this process.

Our goal is to find the best fit for each graduate so you will have a long and gratifying career that is mutually beneficial.

Quick Facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for

Nursing Assistants and Orderlies


2015 Median Pay

$25,710 per year / $12.36 per hour

Salary is dependent on the level of experience and the work environment.  The companies we work with are very competitive and provide a comfortable working environment.  Considering the variables, the wage rage can be anywhere from $9.00-$15.00.

Work Experience in a Related Occupation:


Job Outlook

1,545,200 total jobs in year 2014.  Job growth is growing at a soaring rate of 17% projection rate from 2014 - 2024.