Program Description:

This Certified Nursing Assistant Program is approved by the Department of Health Services and meets the 120 hour requirement.   We have a variety of class types available based on preference, life style and learning style.  The program incorporates theory, lab, group activities, games and video learning experiences for the enrichment of the students.  The program also includes the required on-hands clinical experience with clients.   All materials are included upon registration.  Each class has built-in practice time for the state exam as well as extra practice available.  QHO has maintained on average, an outstanding testing passing rate of 97%-100% over the past 20 years.

Skills you will learn and apply:

All hygiene cares, transfer skills, positioning skills, nutrition skills, vital signs, emergency preparedness, pathophysiology, infection control, hospice care, resident rights, rehabilitation/restorative skills, medical/surgical skills and much more.

Length of Program

120+ Hours; including classroom/lab training and 32 clinical hours.  Convenient Day, Evening and Weekend schedules available year round. Space is limited; all classes are filled on a “first come, first served” basis.

Class Investment: $1,045