Non-Refundable Background Check Fee

Non-Refundable Background Check Fee



QHO will complete a Caregiver Background Check through the Wisconsin Department of Justice to determine eligibility for the Certified Nursing Assistant Certification training.  Falsification of the information provided will result in the participant being ineligible for the CNA Certification training at QHO. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to check class availability before you pay for your background check. You may do so by clicking the button to the right.  If your class is available, you will then need to pay for the background check and QHO will be in contact with you reguarding admission and next steps.

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I agree to the $75.00 non-refundable background check.  I understand that if I am declined from the program I will not receive a refund.  Eligibility for the training is based on the Wisconsin List of Offences Affecting Caregiver Ability, along with a list of offences determined by QHO.