Program Description

QHO provides all required cores of C.B.R.F. training.  The entire training requires one week. 

  • First Aid Certification:  Learn about emergency care for choking, bleeding, diabetic emergencies, strokes, heart attacks, muscle and bone injuries and much more.

  • Challenging Behaviors:  Learn about a variety of chronic and acute condition that cause memory loss and strategies for the care provider.  We’ll discuss several psychiatric disorders and coping techniques, new treatments and medications and protocols.

  • Dietary, Meal prep & Sanitation:  This class will discuss all the regulation that apply to healthcare facilities.  You’ll learn about different diseases and diets that are necessary for these conditions. 

  • Fire Safety:  Learn about different codes and fire procedures.  Learn how to correctly use different extinguishers.

  • Medication Administration:  This class provides information about various meds, laws and procedures.  During this class you will actually practice a medication pass.

  • Client Group Specific:  This class discusses all types of different clients, concerns and interventions that you might find in a C.B.R.F.

  • Standard Precautions:  You will learn and apply infection control techniques such as hand washing and gloving.  You will also learn about blood borne pathogens and other diseases.

  • Resident Rights:  In this class you will learn about the rights of all clients, residents and patients.  We’ll have current abuse discussions and strategies to prevent such occurrences.

  • Needs Assessment/ISP:  This class focuses on the individual service plan of the client.  We will discuss the rules and you will learn how to meet the needs of the client as well as care plan correctly.

C.B.R.F. certification allows the candidate to be employed in a residential living facility (Group Home) or an Assisted Living Facility.  Many Nursing Homes require both the C.N.A. certification and C.B.R.F. certification to facilitate their growing community needs and floating staff requirements.

Length of Class

Five Day, full-time Instructional Program.

complete Class Investment:  $640

Individual CBRF Classes:

  • Resident Rights: $75

  • Client Group Specific: $75

  • Dietary Needs, Menu Planning: $40

  • Fire Safety: $85

  • Needs Assessment/Independent Service Plan: $75

  • Medication Administration: $145

  • Standard Precautions: $80

  • First Aid: $120

  • Challenging Behaviors: $45